Brick Out

Brick Out

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Brick Out

Brick Out

Brick Out

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Brick Out

Welcome to the Brick Out game! In this classic arcade game, your objective is to advance by shooting balls and destroying blocks. Get combinations, power-ups and rare stuff. Even better, you can play the game without needing an internet connection!

You may collect gems and unlock new balls by destroying as many bricks as you can in a single hit. Help solve puzzles based on a range of different board layouts by launching balls and destroying blocks. Enjoy a free brick-breaking game that is both original and fast-paced, with levels that are both tough and amusing.


• Easy to play, challenging to master!
• Use power-ups to break bricks and pass levels!
• Play tons of unique brick-breaking puzzles full of fun and challenges!
• Earn gems and get new balls!
• Unlimited time. Enjoy at your own pace!
• Classic arcade style graphics!

How To Play

Use mouse to play!

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