Connect The Bubbles

Connect The Bubbles

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Connect The Bubbles

Connect The Bubbles

Connect The Bubbles

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Connect The Bubbles

In the puzzle game Connect the Bubbles, your objective is to link together all bubbles of the same color, maximize your score by making use of several strong boosters, and win against your friends. In this calming experience that combines puzzle solving with relaxation, the more bubbles you link, the more powerful bubbles you get. Making a chain of all bubbles of the same color will reward you with color boosters, connecting 10 bubbles will give you rocket boosters, and making a square out of connected bubbles will release booster bombs. Also, don't forget to let your friends know about Connect the Bubble, and find out who among you obtained the greatest score in the shortest amount of time!


  • Enjoyable sound effects and colorful bubbles.
  • More challenging as you progress.
  • Remembers your high score for next time.

How to play

Touch & swipe on mobile.
Use your mouse to connect bubbles on desktop.

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