Drift Boss

Drift Boss

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Drift Boss

Drift Boss

Drift Boss

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Drift Boss

Hello and welcome to Drift Boss! Choose a cartoon vehicle and prepare to drift down a zigzag road. Drift as long as possible to get the greatest score and compete against the best in the world. In this game, the more distance you traverse, the bigger your prizes will be. As you click on the screen to drift right and left, you may practice your timing and hand-eye coordination. As you go, you will encounter roadblocks that you will need to overcome. Are you prepared to get the greatest possible score? Drift Boss will put your skills to the test!


  • Play with ease with to one-button controls.
  • Vehicles with improved handling that can be unlocked.
  • Daily progress is rewarded.
  • Aside from picking Drift Boss to amuse you, you will enjoy not only the addictive gameplay but also the music and aesthetics that accompany the games.
  • Web browser as a platform (desktop and mobile).

How To Play


Press the left mouse button or space bar to drift to the right, release the button to go left


Touch screen to drift to the right, and release the screen to go left.

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