Guess the path

Guess the path

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Guess the path

Guess the path

Guess the path

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Guess the path

Guess the Path is a puzzle game for the most logical among you. So, certainly, the initial stages are fairly basic, and you'll persuade yourself that it's a children's game. Try the more tough levels instead. You will realize that this game is not for everyone... or, alternatively, not to include all brains. As a result, you must connect all of the boxes and fully fill up the grid. It's straightforward at first, but it becomes more challenging as the grid size grows larger.


  • Daily challenge.
  • Leaderboard.
  • Over 80 packs with 20 levels.
  • Hourly prize.

How To Play 

The game's basic premise is that you must fill the grid with numbers that range from 1 to X. On the grid, the numbers must be arranged in ascending order, therefore box number 2 must be placed next to box number 1, box number 3 next to box 2, and so forth.

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