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Nonogram is a challenging puzzle game to train your mind. Use the numbers at the end of each row and column as clues to color in the correct cells. Both portrait and landscape orientations are supported while playing this game. There are 12 unique difficulties, and each one has 24 levels, for a total of 288 games. Play through all the puzzles, ranging from 4x4 boards to 16x16 boards. Marking a space incorrectly will cost you. Lose 3 hearts and it's game over!

How To Play

The aim of this game is to color the whole grid in orange and blue squares.

  • At the top of each column, and to the side of each row, you will notice a set of one or more numbers.
  • These numbers tell you the runs of orange squares in that row or column.
  • If you see the numbers 10 1 that would tell you there will be a run of exactly 10 orange squares, followed by one or more blue square, followed by a single orange square.
  • There may be additional blue squares at the beginning of this sequence, at the end of this sequence, or both.

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