Snake Blocks and Numbers

Snake Blocks and Numbers

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Snake Blocks and Numbers

Snake Blocks and Numbers

Snake Blocks and Numbers

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Snake Blocks and Numbers

Welcome to the Snake Blocks and Numbers. In the game, it will be to you to guide the snake to its destination at the end of its voyage. You will see the playing field appear in front of you on the screen. The snake will begin to gather up pace on this playing field gradually. A number that represents the total number of her lifetimes will be shown directly above it. You will have control over the movements of the snake if you use the control keys. Along its path, a variety of colored blocks will suddenly appear. They will contain numerical values. They will refer to the number of the snake's life that they are able to take. You will be tasked with guiding your snake through space while while avoiding any potential collisions with cubes. You will also be tasked with gathering the gold coins that are strewn over the environment. They will not only provide you points, but they will also add life to your snake.


  • Colorful blocks.
  • Cool effects.
  • Cute avatars to unlock.

How To Play

Mouse = hold click to move from side to side.

How to play

How To Play Snake Blocks and Numbers

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