Solitaire Seasons

Solitaire Seasons

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Solitaire Seasons

Solitaire Seasons

Solitaire Seasons

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Solitaire Seasons

Welcome to the brand new card game, Solitaire Seasons. The main objective in the game will be to jump from one step to another and play according to the steps you take. At each step, you will see different board games for brain training. You will also be notified of the new rules and tools that come with each new level. The more you play and complete the levels solitaire, the further you can progress on the farm. Don't forget to get your order date. Make the most of the gripping story and play this great game selection right now. You will need to collect cash and work on your daily goals.


  • 2D colorful graphics.
  • Interactive game experience.
  • Daily tasks to complete.

How to play

You can use the mouse to select options.

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