Sudoku Master

Sudoku Master

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Sudoku Master

Sudoku Master

Sudoku Master

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Sudoku Master

Welcome to the Sudoku Master game. The game is played on a chessboard of 9 by 9, which is subdivided into nine smaller boards measuring 3 by 3, each bearing the numbers one through nine. You have the option of picking any one of these nine numbers that are listed below to fill in each empty box that is located above the ghost. match, but if you guess incorrectly, you may just delete the numbers and go on playing normally. You no longer have to hassle with preparing untidy equipment like paper, pencil, and eraser in order to have a good time with your cherished phone and pass the time playing the logic game Sudoku.


  • There are 4 levels for you to choose from: easy, normal, hard and extremely hard.
  • The game also offers the ability to pause and save the game in case you want to continue playing at another time;
  • The extremely convenient undo and re-do feature eliminates cumbersome operations.

How To Play

You can use mouse to play this game.

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