Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

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Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

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Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

A brand new arcade game that has arrived on the scene and is sure to pique your interest is Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game. You need to put some thought into your planning in order to do well on each level. It is necessary to click on the ball in order to control its movement. The purpose of the game is really easy to understand: all you have to do is click on a slime in the game to begin removing it. As you continue to do this, part of its slime will flow onto other slimes, and so on and so on. There is just one slime in the first level, but as you go through the game, there will be more and more of them. Have you made any preparations?


CHESS, pop, popit, sweet, boom, puzzle, monster, monsters, jelly, brainstorm, logic, logical, and quest.

How To Play

Tap "Left Mouse Button" to pop the sweet.

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